“The efficiency of communities depends on the participants’ interactional network as much or more than it depends on everything else, such as combined knowledge with experiences, with IQ, with skills, etc.”

Alex Pentland, MIT

An organisational structure is artificial. It is designed to formalise how people work together but is rarely compared to the way that people really work with each other.

BondWeaver provides tools to identify, visualise and analyse the organic working structures among people. It lets us see the characteristics of collaboration and how expertise is used in the organisation, but also shows us how an organisation may be malfunctioning where there may be silos or poor information flow.

Network visualisation together with data-driven predictions support management in decision-making, in the planning and execution of change management, in the development and execution of strategy and in managing people.

BondWeaver is harmonizing the artificial and the organic structures of companies to increase their productivity and the well-being of the employees.

BondWeaver Analytics:

BondWeaver Analytics is a cloud resource for people analytics and corporate psychology. It provides data-driven analysis and evaluation of human behaviour within an organisation as well as predictive modelling for use in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation.


The analysis uses network science combined with sociology, social psychology, human ethology, anthropology, business and organisational research, and management experience. Collected data is processed by machine-learning algorithms to create a visualisation with many complex views. The visualisation reveals the network of interactions between individuals. These views may reveal aspects of interaction that have been unknown before or that have been observed but not been measured. Understanding the network of interactions, the way people really work together, supports management in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their organisation.

The resources available to you:

Subscription based service: unlimited number of surveys, reports and statistics

Interactive visualisation platform: easy-to-use, dynamic user interface

Individual access control: fully scalable according to your customisation requirements

Data analysis: a new information source for management and decision-making

Visualisation of interactions: the real way people work made understandable and manageable

Supporting change management: intervention and watching organisational realignment

Efficiency and effectiveness: identifying individual overload and development need; active retention and dealing with ineffectiveness

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