Among all HR related problems, employee attrition is one of the key challenges. Almost every organisation is affected by it. Replacing an employee in a senior position costs the company around 213% of their annual salary.

We provide actionable insights into the root causes of individual exit risk. We can show which people, groups or key employees are affected by high exit risk and why.

With our solution, employee retention can be reduced by a stunning 30% annually. As the exact causes of problems are revealed, the management is able to come up with specific actions to eliminate or minimise those issues. In the end, the result is a happier, more efficient environment.

Why are people leaving the company? Why are they disengaged?
How are the relationships in the company affecting the attrition risk?
Our Employee Retention Analytics software provides a detailed list of causes, their distribution in the organisation and the extent to which they are affecting the overall
attrition rate.

Who is planning to leave the company? Do they have a key role in their team or in their department?
It is crucial to know this information to spare your company from spending a small fortune on recruitment, onboarding and L&D (not to mention the lost efficiency)
as you know exactly where to take actions in order to retain your key employees.

Which teams and projects are affected? What is the level of the threat? One or two disengaged members could potentially undermine a whole team’s productivity and morale.
The analytics shows which groups are in danger of losing more members, especially if those members are leaders or key people.

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