How the home office saves lives? The network determinants of the spread of Covid-19

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How the effect spreads over a network:

In human networks, the spread of a thought, or virus for that matter, is influenced by two factors in network science terms.

A. The number of contacts we make or how many people we meet in a given timeframe – that could be   hourly or daily.

B. When we meet, what is the probability that the virus will be transmitted.

Factor A influences how quickly the number of infected people begins to rise. That is, how much time we have to prepare. More precisely, how much time we allow ourselves to prepare, as a society.

And factor B determines the pace of the increase when the number of people infected increases. How much time will it take to reach the maximum number of people infected. The direct result of this is how many serious cases does the health care system have to deal with simultaneously.

It is our common interest to slow down the process so that everyone has access to care.

These two factors must be kept as low as possible so that the number of people infected and thus the number of people affected, and those in need of care have access to these services and have sufficient time to recover.

To keep factor A low, anyone who can, must stay at home and opt for a self- quarantine.

And if we have to meet others, then factor B comes into play. We need to keep the chance of the transmission very low:

  • Avoid personal contact or touch
  • Keep 1m+ distance and stay as far apart as possible
  • Do not touch anything that may be touched by others
  • Avoid using cash (do not use your hand to enter the pin code when using a credit card. Use another object, such as your keys, or if you pay contactless, then the corner of your credit card, but it is best not to enter the code (low cost shopping or mobile payment)
  • Wash your hands as soon as possible after the meeting and wash all your clothes as soon as possible.

Personal connections are very important for our mental well-being, but let’s try to minimise them together in the next coming weeks in order to provide enough time for the healthcare system to cure the patients in a critical condition.

Stay safe everyone and work from home if possible!



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